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DLX-WOS-155 Wireless Optical Transmitter and Receiver



      The DLX-WOS-155 series of products from Dailianxu Engineering Co.,Ltd. are laser based free space optical systems designed to provide flexible, high reliable and secure solutions for high speed wireless connections up to 4000 m with four light_beams . Due to their modular design the equipment is easy and fast to troubleshoot and upgrade on the field. Adjustable transmitter optical system allow custom configuration of the system for specific installations. The transparent and wire speed data transfer, together with virtually zero latency, assures the easy integration of the system in all environments.

      DLX-WOS-155 series systems can be ordered with an IP based SNMP compatible device management that allows remote control and monitoring of the equipment. Because they use infrared light as their transmission medium, DLX-WOS systems do not require frequency licenses and the transmission is not affected by electro-magnetic interference. The concentrated laser beam is extremely hard to tap, even to discover as it cannot be detected by spectrum analyzers. The DLX-WOS link is a virtual fiber in the air.

      The DLX-WOS-155 systems comprise of two Laser Heads (each containing four transmitters or Receivers), two PSU units .Laser Heads are installed outdoors, where a clear optical path exists between the two sites. Each head is equipped with an built-in Telescope Alignment Unit, which allows exact positioning and ensures reliable long-term operation of the system. The head assembly features rear and front doors that provide easy access to the internal parts on the field during installation, troubleshooting or upgrade procedures. The PSU provides the low voltage power required to operate the laser head while the data port offers direct connectivity for standard network equipment. A variety of standard copper and fiber interfaces are available for voice and data applications.



     The Enterprise and wireless service provider markets share a common challenge of addressing escalating need for improved communications infrastructure to accommodate new levels of network traffic while meeting the ever-pressing business demands for greater operational efficiency. Enterprises and wireless service providers are seeking cost-effective, high-speed, point-to-point connectivity solutions that meet three key network requirements of bandwidth, availability and distance. DLX-WOS outdoor wireless solutions deliver the optimal balance of these three requirements to provide LAN backbone connectivity in mission-critical Enterprise environments, and backhaul applications for wireless service providers.

  Enterprise Connecitivity

  Health Care


  Engineering & Design

  Voice & Data


  Telco Bypass

  Mobile Wireless



  Disaster Recovery

  Case Studies




     multiple-beam and multiple-receiver architecture

     defroster, the DLX-WOS-155 can perform in temperature ranges of -40°C to 60°C

     Interfaces for all of the major telecommunications formats

     Range exceeding 2km and up to 4km in certain regions

     Wide beam technology overcomes building movement problems

     Connect to G.703 E1, E2, E3, T1 and STM-1 interfaces

     IP66 environmentally protected casings

     Optional management & power supplies

     Modular System Design

     Easy Upgrade & Trouble Shooting

     Quick Installation and Re-deployment

     Full Duplex Wire Speed Connectivity

     Wide Selection of Industry Standard

     Secure Data Transmission

     Immune to Radio Frequency Interference – All DLX-WOS Optical Wireless products are immune to radio frequency interference and spectrum saturation


Technical Specifications

Free-Space Optical

     Transmission rates2 - 155 Mbps (data rate-transparent and reclocked)  Clocked data rates: OC-3/STM-1, Fast Ethernet

     Operational range  3 dB/km: clear air: 100m to 9400m

10 dB/km: extreme rain: 100m to 4675m

     Laser output power20 mW (4 transmitters at 20 mW)

     Free-space wavelength850 nm

     Transmitter typeDirectly modulated laser diode

     Transmitting device : VCSEL

     Receive aperture8*4 cm  diameter

     Receiving device: Si APD

     Receive sensitity-48dBm


Mechanical / Electrical / Environmental

     Operating temperature-40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)

     Solar filters1 spatial, 4 spectral

     Pointing stability120 km/h (75 mp/h) operating, >160 km/h (100 mp/h) survivability

     Environmental sealWater-tight, IP66 and NEMA-4 rated

     Dimensions (W*H*D)Cm: 310 mm×310 mm×620mm


     Input voltage    -48v DC; Operational range: -40v to -57v 

                                 Nominal: 85 - 260 VAC (50/60 Hz)

     Power consumptionTransceiver: 50 watts, max

     Heaters: 180 watts, max


Carrier-Class Reliability and Durability

     Interior heatingTo 30°C (86°F) prevents optics fogging, snow/sleet accumulation

     Laser coolingActive solid state cooling to 35°C (95°F), even in desert conditions

     Redundant transmitters4 independent lasers, drivers, coolers and cooler controllers

     Adaptive power controlAdjusts laser power to changing weather conditions

     Power supply: Carrier-grade, 2 million hour MTBF for DC

     Structure: Cast aluminum housing, yoke & mount

     Service life: 15 years


Fiber-0ptic Interface:

     Interface type: SM or MM, Sc or FC terminated

     Fiber transmit wavelength: 1310 nm nominal (1280 nm to 1335 nm)

     Fiber receive wavelength: 1310 nm nominal (1280 nm to 1335 nm)

     Fiber transmit output power: -15 dBm (min), -8 dBm (max)

     Fiber receive input power: -31 dBm (min), -8 dBm (max)


Element Management and Control:

     Management interface: Serial (DB9 or RJ-45) and 10/100M T

     SNMPEmbedded v1 Agent

     Command line interfaceVia RS232 or IP address

     Key parameters monitored 

               Receive signal strength

               Power supply currents and voltages

               Link Head running status

               Laser power (APC levels)

               Laser and Link Head temperatures

               Internal temperature and humidity

               Clock recovery / sync status

               Network interface signal status

               Signal near Loop control

               Signal far Loop control

               Space Laser power control (4 levels)

               Alarm information record and auto announce           

     Historical loggingInternal data and event logging


Certifications and Classifications

     Laser safetyCDRH 21 CFR 1040 inculding Laser Notice 50, Class 1M

     ANSI Z136.1 & Z136.6, Class 1

     IEC 60825-1 Class 1M

     EMCFCC - Part 15/ ICES – 003/ EN55022 – emissionsEN55024 – immunity

     Electrical safetyUL 60950/ CSA 60950/EN60950 (CB scheme)

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