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DLX-VF V.35 Fiber Optical Modem

Product Introduction

DLX-VF V.35 Fiber Optical Modem is a optical fiber transmission equipment which use optical fiber to long-distance transmit V.35 port signal, provides solution for remote connection of routers. It is a kind of optical fiber equipment that usually be used in WAN group net. It provides one V.35 port and one two-core fiber port, supports E1 transparent transmission and E1 frame transmission. Offers 2048K(transparent mode) or NX64Kbps(N=1~31) transmission rate.

 Product Feature

     Provides one V.35 port and one two-core fiber port

     V.35 interface adopts DTE, DCE mode

     Supports E1 transparent transmission and E1 framing transmission

     Supports three clock manner: master clock, slave clock and terminal clock

     Supports PCM31, PCM30 adjusting, adapts to different transmission system

     Fault transfer, can transfer E1 receiving end alarm and sending end alarm to V.35 port DCD and CTS signal

     Standard transmission distance is 20km, up to 120km.

     –48V DC power supply or 220V AC power supply

Technologies reference

     Fiber type: Single-mode fiber(20km-120km) or Muti-mode fiber(2km)

     Fiber wavelength: 1310nm, 1550nm and 850nm can be optional

     Fiber interface: SC, FC and ST can be optional

     Optical line code: 1B1H

     Data rate: 4096KBIT/S

     Fiber module: Single Strand module or Double Strand module 

     Output optical power: 8DBM-15DBM

     Receiving sensitivity: ≥-36DBM

     Transmission distance: 20KM (maximum distance:120KM)

     E1 character: connector code: 2.048KBIT/S, NX64KBIT/S

      Working manner: DTE, DCE


Voltage180V240V AC,-36V~-72V DC optional

Power consumption: 5W

Working environment:

Operating temperature: 0℃~50℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~70℃

Environment humidity: 5~90%(non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure: 86106KPA

Dimension: 200mm×140mm×35mm

Weight: 0.5kg


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