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DLX-RE1 RS232/422/485 to E1 Protocol Converter

Product Introduction

DLX-RE1  RS232/422/485 to E1 interface converter supports the conversion between E1 interface which accord with the ITU-T G.703 standard and RS232/422/485 interface, it can receive synchronous data of 2.048Mbps from E1 network, and transmit the data to ROUTER or other devices. The mode of interface is DCE, and it can be connected with DTE or DCE devices.


Product Feature

     Convert RS232/422/485 interface to E1(2M unframed G.703) interface

     Support line recovery clock,local clock and equipment clock

     Support E1 port loop

     E1 (G.703 ) interface support 120ohm (RJ-45) and 75ohm (BNC double coaxial)

     Possess complete alarm and status indication function

     Adopts manifold power supply: -48V DC or 220V AC


Technologies reference

     Interface type: E1, RS232/422/485

     Bit rate: E1 2048KBIT/S±50ppm,RS232 115200bps

     E1 port coding:HDB3

     E1 port transmission:2km

     E1 impedance: 75ohm(unbalance)/120ohm(balance)

     Clock type: master clock, slave clock optional


Voltage180V240V AC,-36V~-72V DC

Power consumption: 5W

Working environment:

Operating temperature: 0~50

Storage temperature: -40~70

Environment humidity: 5~90%(non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure: 86106KPA

     Dimension: 227mm×147mm×42mm




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