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DLX  IP Video/Audio Server

Product Introduction    

      DLX IP (network) video/audio server is a Embedded Monitor Control Equipment. Adopt advanced high-dependability special DSP scheme, combine strong performance RTOS operation system, realize technical grade MTBF indeed, optimal H.264 video compression algorithm. so the image will be more clear and more fluent. Built-in Web Server, user can long-distance control and monitor via IE browser easily, also, can realize centralized monitoring and management of various video server by center management software, it is easy for construct large Monitor Control System.


Product’s feature

     High-dependability special DSP scheme, combine strong performance RTOS operation system, realize technical grade MTBF indeed

     high-definition D1 network video server, Fully compatible with HalfD1,CIF, QCIF format

     Adopt optimal H.264 video compression algorithm, realized transmission high-definition image via low-network bandwidth

     Adopt optimal  MP3 audio compression algorithm, voice will be more clear

     Adopt advanced network forward server technology, different users can access and can manage the authority of different customer

     Support real time video monitor output (two channels and four channels type)

     Support  PAL/NTSC composite video

     Built-in Web Server, remote monitoring, control, setting etc other operation by IE browser

     Support 802.11b/g wireless network, support CDMA1X, GPRS mobile network and mobile telephone monitor

     Support remote security update

     Support dynamic IP address, support LAN, InternetADSL etc

     Support Bi-direction voice real time transmission

     Adopt network adaptive technique, auto-adjust video frame frequency according to bandwidth of network

     Video code rate: 16Kbps~2Mbps (can smooth regulation),frame rate:1/10-30 (1/10-25) (can smooth regulation)

     Possess alarm function of Video miss, detection move etc  (district and sensitivity can bet set)

     Possess RS485, RS232 serial ports, built-in various high speed ball and decoder protocol, support transparent protocol

     Support image shield and take photo function

     Auto-resume of abnormity, Auto-connect when network disconnected


Technical parameter



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