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DLX-E1E 10/100M to E1 Protocol Converter

Product Introduction

 DLX-E1E 10/100M to E1 Protocol Converter is a conversion device that can realize the conversion from 10/100Base-T interface to E1 interface. Provides 2048Kbit/s data transmission channel for line concentrator or exchanger to combine two LANs into one LANs via transmission apparatus (such as optical transmitter/receiver and so on) and use same IP address. Supports automatic learning MAC address function. Filtrate data package via address list and be transparent in TCP/IP protocol.


Product Feature

     Adopts large-scale integrate chip, brief circuit, low power consumption and high reliability structure

     Offers 1-8 channel E1 port and Automatically adapt to 75ohm & 120ohm Impedance

     Master clock, incept resume clock optional

     Provides powerful network management functions

     Possess complete alarm and status indication function

     Adopts manifold power supply: -48V DC or 220V AC


Technologies reference

     Interface type: E1, 10/100Base-T

     Bit rate: 2048KBIT/S±50ppm

     Transmission end rate: 2048Kbit/S

     User end rate: 10/100Mbit/S

     E1 impedance: 75ohm(unbalance)/120ohm(balance)

     Clock type: master clock, slave clock optional


Voltage180V240V AC,-36V~-72V DC

Power consumption: 5W

Working environment:

Operating temperature: 0~50

Storage temperature: -40~70

Environment humidity: 5~90%(non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure: 86106KPA

     Dimension: 200mm×140mm×35mm


PWR: Power Indicator

LINK: Ethernet Connection Indicator

WTX: WAN Send Data Indicator

WRX: WAN Receive Data Indicator

LTX: LAN Send Data Indicator

LRX: LAN Receive Data Indicator

LOS: E1 Signal Indicator

COL: LAN Signal Indicator
ERR: Wrong Code Indicator

Typical Application


Types for order, Please find in the PDF file                                                                                                    

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