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DLX Series CWDM  Equipment

Product Introduction 

As information Technology Development, especially, high-speed increase of INTERNET  IP  data service, the requirement of transmission line bandwidth has constantly increased. WDM  technology as a most effective way in bandwidth Growth, it has been used in long-distance backbone network widely. Now the bandwidth bottlenecks has been shifted to citywide LAN. so the Wavelength Division Multiplexing system (WDM) technic is being taken more seriously in construction of citywide LAN.

 Wavelength Division Multiplexing system (WDM) can conserve fiber resources and reduce networking cost. It has solve the problem of lack of fiber and Multi-Service transparent transmission. Be used in MANs assemblage and access layer. Realize construct network and develop operation in short time. OCDA possess advantages of low cost, low power consumption and small size, now it has been used in citywide LAN widely. Now we have developed active CWDM equipment that can run over G.652,G.653, G.655 fiber


Technical index
 Max capability: 4 channels(10G) ,8channels(20G),18channels (180G, full wave fiber)
  Range of wave length: Fully compatible with ITU-I  G.695 standard
  Operation access type: PDH, ATM, STM-16/STM-4/STM-1, OC-48/OC-12/OC-32, Ethernet 10/100BaseT, GE, FICON/ESCON/FIBER  Channel
  Fiber optic port transmission type:155Mbit/s, 622Mbit/s, 1.25Gbit/s, 2.5Gbit/s
  Fiber type: G.652, G.653, G.655
  Transmission distance:30km,50km,80km optional

Optical line index
  Center wavelength:1470nm,1490nm,1510nm,1530nm,1550nm,1570nm,1590nm, 1610nm
  Space of wavelength:20nm
  Light through bandwidth:±  6  nm
  Center wave of transmit temperature excursion:0.08nm-0.1nm          
  Transmission power of each wave:-5dBm+3dBm
  Receiving power of each wave: -22dBm-3dBm
  Receiving sensitivity:<-24dBm
Connector: line port FC, User’s end: SC
User’s end wavelength:single-mode:1200nm1610nm, multi-mode:850nm
Fiber optical patch cord: G.652 G.653 G.655 single-mode


Standard 19’ chassis, 1 U height


Power supply
AC power supply: 220VAC ± 15% 50HZ
DC power supply:-24VDC with +16V~+32V;-48VDC with -36V~-72V
Power consumption:≤ 18W

Working Environment
Operating temperature: -30 +70
Storage temperature: -40 +85
Environment humidity: 5-90%(non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa



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