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DLX-OP08 8E1 Optical Transmitter & Receiver(8E1 PDH Multiplexer)

Product Introduction

DLX-OP08 Optical Transmitter & Receiver is a optical transmission and access equipment with medium capacity or small capacity. Adopts the up-to-data technology and special large scale integrated circuit which can be programmed. Provides 8 channels E1 digital signals data for multiple connection, branch connection and optoelectronic switching. Abundant Bit spending offers E1/G.703 port for main channel operation transmission and also offers one official phone. RS232 low rate data channel,1~4 Ethernet channels, network interior management channel and 1+1 Fiber back up and 1+1 redundant power supply optional.

 DLX-OP08 optical transmitter & receiver possess loop back function of the local end and the far end for test and fault location. This equipment possess perfect fault self-diagnostic function, supports optional Link-Loss alarm function and 2Mbit/s spur track indication function. Adopts 4B5B line coding, through replacing laser transceiver module to support Single-Fiber bi-directional mode or Duplex-fiber bi-directional mode. It is adapt to point to point optical transmission link circuit and provides public network and special network with high quality, flexible and reliable optical transmission digital line.

DLX-OP08 optical transmitter & receiver possess characters of high integration degree, high reliability, low power consumption, small in size and consummate function. easy installation and adjustment free, high quality of transmission and high reliability of working. and can work stably in the poor conditions. It is very convenient to maintenance and easy to installation and adjustment. 


Product Feature

     19 inch rack, 1U height

     Offers one channel official phone for the convenience of connection between two station

     Supply 8E1 channels. 

     Supports alarm function by sound and light

     Optical port: FC, ST and SC optional  

     Single-fiber bi-directional transmission and Double-fiber bi-directional optional

Supports spur-track occupied indication and alarm sound shielded function

     Supports loop back between the local end and the remote end

     Power supply: -48VDC, +24VDC or 220VAC optional

     Easy to installation and has high reliability


Technologies reference

     Fiber interface: SC, FC or ST optional

     Transmission distance: 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km, 100km, 120km optional.

     Fiber cable: Single-fiber or Duplex-fiber optional

     Light source: single-mode 1310nm/1550nm

     Transmission Light Power: ≥-12dBm

     Receiving sensitivity: ≤-37dBm

     Transmission code: 4B5B

     Light port rate(Mbps): 21.12Mbit/s

     Optical line code: HDB3

     Data rate: 2048Kbps

     Tolerance: ±50ppm

     Interface standard: ITUTG.703

     Line impedance : 75ohm(unbalance)or 120ohm(balance) optional

     Connector: BNC or RJ45


PWR: Power Indicator

BER: Bit Error Rate Indicator

RMA: Remote End Equipment Indicator

LOF: Near End Frame Indicator

RNL: Near End Optical Fiber Receive Indicator

PHONE: Office Phone Indicator

     Dimension: 480mm×220mm×44.5mm


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