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 64 Channels Digital Video/Audio/Data Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver



DLX-DVOP64 series of products provide uncompressed high quality transmission systems for 64 channels of digitalized analog video, up to 32 channels of bi-directional data and audio signals, 4 channels E1/T1 and 10/100M self-adaptive Ethernet data over one single mode or multimode optic fiber, DLX-DVOP64 is a multi-function product which based on highly reliable large-scale specialized ICs designed by ourselves. It's extremely flexible with the ability to add/drop video, audio, RS232/RS422/RS485, E1, 100M Ethernet ports via plugging in/out our field-proven service cards. Compared with the same kind of analog transmission systems that employ accidental amplitude or frequency modulation, DLX-DVOP64 products provide better transmission in quality.

The various types of DLX-DVOP64 products can meet different user demands. Adopting advanced digital fiber optic transmission technologies, DLX-DVOP64 devices can be installed rapidly without customer adjusting, and they are easy to operate and maintain. On the front panel of the products are video connector (BNC), audio and data connector (RJ45 or Terminal Plug with screw clamps), and fiber optic connector (FC-single mode or SC-multimode). Users can easily monitor the status of power supply, connection and channels through the indicator lights. There is one type of DLX-DVOP64 available: standalone.



        High Way & Toll Station Surveillance

        Public Security Surveillance

        Surveillance and cable TV system

        Intelligent traffic monitoring system

        High Quality Video Conference

        Broadcast and TV program transmission

        Long-distance multimedia teaching

        Industrial Closed Circuit Television Surveillance



        One multimode or single mode fiber

        Modularized and industrialized design ensuring reliability and flexibility

        Large capacity of gigabit optical fiber transmission allowing of easy upgrade

        10 digit coding and non-compression video transmission

        Large-scale Proprietary IC Core

        Auto PAL/NTSC/SECAM Compatible

        Support 24bits DVD format, High Dynamic Range video and Stereo audio.

        Multi-services Flexible Configuration on the Same Platform

        Indicators for Power Supply, Video, Optic-link and Data-loop

        Free from In-field Adjustment

        Flexible and Easy Mount

        Protection against lightening strike and surge

        Transmission distance: 2KM(multi-mode),20km,40km,60km,80KM,100km optional(Single-mode)




Channel :                     64

Connector:                      BNC

Bandwidth:                                      8MHz

Quantization:                            10 bits

DG:                                          1% typical

DP:                                               1  typical

SNR:                                             >67dB


Audio Input/output impedance:      600ohm(balanced) or 1000ohm(unbalanced)

Digitization:                       24bit

Bandwidth:                       20Hz to 20KHz

Nonlinear distortion coefficient:      1%

SNR:                             >85dB

Connector:                      Terminal Plug with screw clamps/RCA


Interface Type:                RS-232/485/422, Manchester, Biphase

Operation Mode:              Full-duplex/Half-duplex

Data Rate:                   DC-384Kbps/DC-2Mbps

BER:                        <10E-9

Connector:                 RJ45/ Terminal Plug with screw clamps


Operation Mode:             10/100M,Full-duplex/Half-duplex Self-adaptive

Throughput Ration:           100%@10M

Packet Loss Ratio:            0%

Connector:                   RJ45


Operation temperature:         -30~+75

Storage temperature:           -40~+85

Relative humidity:              0-95% Non-Condensing

MTBF:                        10e5 hours

Power Supply:                 220VAC or 110VAC±20%

        Level 3 Anti-lightning, TI chip, Goldplated PCB board, Industry grade components , ESD protection design

        Physical Dimension:           480(L) x 250(W) x 200(H), Aluminum-alloy case



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